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Cranberry Moscow Mule


A twist on the classic Moscow Mule cocktail, this fun & seasonal version utilizes cranberry juice. A great holiday drink to serve for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

Two copper mules filled with cranberry moscow mules sit on a black background. They are each garnished with a lime wheel and fresh cranberries.

Cranberry season is a favorite of mine, so I always try to make the most of it when it’s here.

This year, I decided to start incorporating them into my cocktails. Since we’re big Moscow mule fans, it was only natural to start by making a Cranberry Moscow mule. The fresh lime juice and ginger beer pair perfectly with the slightly tart cranberry juice.

This may be my new favorite winter drink! I’m thinking it’ll be the signature cocktail at this year’s holiday party…

Wide shot of two cranberry moscow mules in copper mugs sitting on a black background.


  • Cranberry Juice – I recommend using a cranberry juice cocktail for this recipe. 100% cranberry juice is quite tangy, whereas cocktail is blended with sugar and sometimes other fruits. If you end up using pure cranberry juice, I highly recommend adding some simple syrup to sweeten it up. 
  • Lime Juice – Make sure to use freshly squeezed lime juice. Pre-bottle lime juice contains preservatives that severely alter the flavor. 
  • Vodka – Any brand of vodka will work. If you’d like to use a flavored vodka, orange, lime, and vanilla are all great choices.
  • Ginger Beer – Each brand of ginger beer has a slightly different flavor profile. Any kind will work, it’s just a matter of preference. Bundaberg and Reed’s Ginger Beer are both popular options.

How To Garnish

Here are a few simple ideas for how you can garnish your cranberry Moscow mule.

  • Fresh or frozen cranberries
  • A lime wheel or lime wedge
  • A twisted lime peel
  • Fresh mint or rosemary
  • Colorful & festive paper straws, like these


  • Big block ice made with a mold or nugget ice made with the Opal ice machine are both great choices for Moscow mules.
  • Moscow mules are traditionally served in copper mugs, but they don’t have to be! If you don’t own any, opt for a highball glass instead. 
  • Cranberry season is limited to just a few months, but you can buy cranberry juice and frozen cranberries year-round – this drink can be made anytime!

Extreme close up from POV of a copper mug handle looking into the glass showing the contents

Cranberry Moscow Mule

  • Author: Jessica Pinney
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2 1x
  • Category: Cocktails
  • Cuisine: American



4 oz. Vodka

2 oz. Lime Juice

4 oz. Cranberry Juice Cocktail

4 oz. Ginger Beer

Fresh cranberries (optional garnish)


Prepare two copper mugs by filling them with ice.

Add vodka, lime juice, and cranberry juice cocktail. Top off by slowly pouring in the ginger beer.

Garnish as desired, serve immediately.

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